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Arlington Tea Party Meeting
Thursday, September 8, 2016 at 6:30pm
3535 Marathon Street, Pantego, TX


New Stadium in Arlington - The official position of the Lone Star Tea Party is to not take a position.  Members are split and are very passionate in their differing positions.  Allowing individuals to determine their position on this issue is the best policy on this.   The only advice or guidance to give here is to remember this is an issue.  After the November 7th election, we are still family and no individual issue should ever be allowed to become so decisive that anyone takes another position personally.  Remember...issues are issues...family is family.

Arlington School District Property Tax Rate Reduction - The Arlington School Board has voted a reduction in the tax rate by 2.3 cents.  More details at the Lone Star Tea Party Facebook page.  Link to the right.

Arlington City Property Tax Rate Reduction - Efforts are still ongoing to get a meaningful reduction in the tax rate.  Current proposals include a token reduction.  More details as things progress.

Candidates for the November 7 Election - We are excited at the candidates running for local office.  Solid consertative leadership.  As voters, do your homework...and vote.  


In God we trust, all others are accountable

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