Lone Star Tea Party Welcomes Jeff Williams Candidate for Mayor of Arlington, TX

Jeff will be sharing his vision for the future of Arlington

Thursday April 9th from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at Pantego Lion's Club (3535 Marathon St. Pantego, TX)

Lone Star Tea Party

Smaller Government - Lower Taxes - Personal Responsibility


Rafael Cruz: We Are On The Brink Of The Destruction Of This Country 

Iranian Film Depicts Nuclear Holocaust Against Israel

Liberal Host Loses Argument Over Homosexuality Cuts Guest Mic Off

The Real Meaning Of "Allahu Akbar"

Rush Comments On Homosexuality

"Allah Will Gather The Jews Together So We Can Kill Them"

The Real Victims Of Illegal Immigration


Youtube Videos

Social Media




Tx House Passes $210 Billion Dollar Budget


Russia Threatens To Use Nukes Over Crimea

Russian Strategist Suggest Nuking Yellowstone

Nato Deploys A10’s To Romania To Deter Russian Aggression

ISIS Vs. Al-Qaeda: The Battle Within Jihad

WH Resumes Weapons Deliveries To Egypt

IRAQ Claims Victory Over ISIS In Tikrit


As Nuclear Deal Closes Iranian Troops Head To Israel’s Border

Israel Test Missile Defense Shield

Netanyahu Warns Iran Deal Is Even Worse Than Thought; Obama Goes Golfing

Is Joe Biden Warning Jews It’s Time To Leave America?

Students Request More Cameras In Wake Of Swastika Graffiti On University Campus

Loyola Students Vote To Divest From Companies That Do Business With Israel


ISIS Stones Man And Woman To Death For Pre-Marital Sex

Vietnam Silver Star Recipient Takes Action When He Learns Granddaughter Is Learning The Quran In School

Four British Kids Ages 2 to 11 Seized Crossing Syrian Border In Attempt To Join ISIS

Dore Gold: Iran Has Plan To Take Over Yemen

ISIS Attempts To Stone Woman To Death … Miraculous Intervention


U.S. Paid $5 Billion In Addition To Releasing 5 Terrorist For Deserter Bergdahl

Republican Arkansas Governor Rejects Bill After Receiving Pressure From Homosexual Lobby

Michelle Obama’s School Lunches Being Fed To Pigs

Obama Attacks Immigration Officers For Enforcing The Law


New Hampshire Conservatives Plan Anti-Jeb Bush Caucus

Rand Paul - Mitch McConnell Alliance Has It’s Limits

Cruz Raises A Staggering $4 Million

… Slams Obama: I’m No Community Organizer

... Commends Gov. Pence For Signing Religious Freedom Law

Hillary Teams Up With Islamic Terrorist

Ben Carson To Announce In May


Pat Robertson Affirms Evolution; Attacks Creationist

Black Democrat Politician Calls 18-Month-Old White Baby A Racist

The Fascist Left And Homosexual Marriage

Story About First Business To “Publicly Vow To Reject Gay Weddings” Was Fabricated Out Of Nothing

… Backlash From Militant Homosexuals So Extreme They May Never Re-open


Oil Is Plentiful, Oil Is Cheap, Oil Is Piling Up In Storage Tanks Nationwide

Workplace Suicides Are On The Rise


Campus Carry Bill Sent To Tx House

Court Of Appeals Upholds Texas’ New Abortion Rules

Rep. Spitzer’s Amendment Moves $3 Million From HIV Prevention To Abstinence Education


Huge Indoor Gun Range Set To Open In North Richland Hills

City Of Arlington And Open Carry Tarrant County Seek Federal Judges Ruling On Ordinance


Disabled Vet Devastated After All Of His Guns Are Confiscated

Gen. Odierno: Readiness At Historically Low Levels

VA Forces Vet To Prove Leg Amputation With X-Ray


DHS Launches Family Reunification Service For Illegals

Second Wave Of Illegal Aliens Crossing The Border


How Students With Top Test Scores Actually Hurt A Teacher’s Evaluation

Bill To End Common Core Passes Mississippi Senate

Record Number Of Teachers Leaving Profession Within First Year

Arizona Keeps Common Core Thanks To GOP Establishment

11 Atlanta Educators Convicted In Test Cheating Scandal


Obama’s Executive Order For UN Climate Rules

Scientist: New Study A “Death Blow” To Global Warming Hysteria




Tx Senate Honor Rick Rose

Posted by Lone Star Tea Party on Wednesday, April 1, 2015





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