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What is the Lone Star Tea Party.US?

It's a Social website for likeminded conservatives. It's operated by the Arlington Tea Party Inc. based in Arlington TX. ATP has over 2000 members on 4 websites it is currently operating. Preparations are being made to consolidate them all to LSTP.

At Lone Star Tea Party.US You can blog, create groups, forums, videos and post your local events. You can have a Tea Party within your group at no cost to you.

We also have News and Comment, which means we comment on news of the day. Things happen fast so the front page rotates about every 12 to 24 hours. We also monitor what we call the progressive back channels of the internet. Many times you'll see a story posted here before the talking heads in the media has it.

We also forward research we find to media and political sources we trust. We've been cultivating those relationships over since 2010 when we decided it’s time to go outside the box and not follow the normal Tea Party path that was being pushed by the larger groups. We were being lead in circles trying to implement programs we didn't ever have the numbers to make work.

Keeping LSTP current and active takes a lot of time and work. We know it's time that you may not have to do on your own. So we invite you to join us so you can monitor what’s going on and stay engaged with events and stories of the day. This requires the work of some dedicated folks here at LSTP. Don't expect fair and balanced, you’re going to hear what we think about it..

Hopefully your local Tea Party is active and taking care of business in your home town by replacing school boards, city councils and county commissioner boards that's loaded with progressives all across the country. We must hold and increase the gains we've made in the State Legislatures not only in Texas but across the country. We must seek not only conservative, but honorable men and women to hold these offices. We've had enough of the country club ruling class.

Above our State Legislatures it’s a hard nut to crack because of the money involved, the deck is stacked in the incumbents favor with huge data bases and name recognition and district gerrymandering. This doesn't mean we don’t try.


Brief History:

April 15TH 2010

Lone Star Tea Party Tax Day Rally (Video) 15,000 patriots attended the Rally at Air Hog Stadium in Grand Prairie TX. There were 29 groups involved in this event.

The Arlington Tea Party Inc. who was the administrators of the event decided to Incorporated The Lone Star Tea Party.

 April 15TH 2011

Lone Star Tea party Tax Day Rally 40 mph winds put a damper on the outside events attendance (video)

July  2011

LSTPI eboard decided to move away from the large events to go outside the box and launch WBTM "we become the media", in order to reach out to like minded independents around the State of Texas and The Nation.

November 10TH 2011

Launched The Lone Star Tea Party.US  Social website / News website.

January 2012

Helped Launch the ArlingtonVoice which is a stand alone Conservative? Online News website dedicated to the Citizens Of Arlington.

February 2012

Launched our Blog Talk Radio Program called Chaos Radio because we are amateurs, anything can happen.

We created the WBTM ( we become the media) Internet Radio Network

Agust 1st 2012

On August 1st we opened our new office and studio in Arlington TX

We've added 4 new programs to our WBTM Radio Network, The Patriot Voice with Robert and Ross Kecseg, The Principle Connection with Eugene Ralph and Understanding The Founders Constitution with Frank Kuchar, Women On The Wall with Alice Linahan and Rebecca Forest.

Members of our Network are available for public speaking and events. 

February 2013  We launched our first Community Conference call in show using the WBTM Internet Network. 

April 2013  WBTM Hit The 30,000 monthly listener mark  for the first time. The Radio Station Is Doing what it was designed to do which is go beyond the walls of our meeting rooms.

July 2013 We have been approached several times to do TV along with our radio programming, the most recent was a week ago. We're looking into it.

November 2013 Built WBTM.TV Website. Starts building network across the country.

December 2013 First National WBTM.TV Special - The Purge with General Paul Vallely (fox news contributor) over 100,000 listeners and viewers

January 2014 WBTM Launches 2014 Candidate Interviews

More to come!

Become a Network Member and Link Up with Us it's easy put a teaparty911.com logo or a WBTM players on your sight, your logo and link goes up on LSTP as a participating member.

Standby we have more coming as we continue to work Outside the Box...you aint seen nothing yet!

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