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Ball Park Battle & 1st Amendment Rights

Ball Park Battle

When I was first asked about the new Proposed Ball Park in Arlington my first response was I didn’t care about the issue and didn't know much about it. I thought as a Tea Party we have much bigger problems than wasting our time on…


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New Round Of Tea Party Attacks By IRS

Everyone should be aware they are safe here at LSTP. Be really careful of joining a group with leadership that has no clue.…


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et to arlington voice

A few years back the IRS came after selected Tea Party's across the Nation. What did they want for granting 5013c status? Our membership lists, email addresses, donors, passwords to our websites, copies of speeches and guest speakers. Our response was no, hell no we do not have members per say. We refused everything they asked for. I know I responded to the requests. 

Please understand they went after True The Vote in Houston as well because they were having great success,…


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Base Ball Bats & Other Things

I've seen this picture time after time, we literally take base ball bats and beat the hell out of each other over an issue in my opinion thats small on the Richter scale. It's a proven fact we all never agree 100%. Not even progressives who have knock down drag outs over certain issues.…


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Klan Card & Glass Houses

People like Hillary and Bill Clinton who live in glass houses should not, I repeat should not throw bricks. For Hillary to publicly chastise Donald Trump for who might be in the audience in a public event is ridiculous and plain stupid.


So she goes out and pulls the klan card on…


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Where Are The Republicans When Needed?

Forget about what you think about Trump, forget about your stupid principles and pride. As hard as it is to believe Hillary maybe about to become President and it's obvious that's ok within the ranks of the Republican Party elites who are busy pouting because they have lost control. Of course they all know if they see the…


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Lets Roll 911 Memorial Ride - Never Forget (All Are Welcome)

2015  3rd Annual “Let’s Roll”  911 Memorial Ride

For those who do mot ride a Motorcycle

we invite you to come to the Grapevine Flight memorial at 3PM…


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LGBT Shuts Down Family Owned Pizzeria For Standing Up For Their Beliefs - Constitution Under Attack

We certainly disturbed about what we see going on in Indiana. We have less than 4% of the population beating the hell out of Christians and anyone that doesn't believe in gay marriage or has strong religious convictions over the matter.

This is not racism. Gays have never been asked to sit at the back of the bus, they've never seen a gays only water fountain or any other form of real racism. We saw those thing when we were kids (if you are old…


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Today In Texas History

Today, March 5, in History, the first Texas Lawman was sworn into office.

Happy Birthday Texas Constables.

In Texas on March 5, 1823 Thomas Alley was appointed and sworn in by Judge John Tumlinson as a Constable. This made Constables the first official law enforcement in Texas.

Two months later, in May, 1823 with issues across Texas, the Constable stayed to protect the local colony and ten others lead by former Judge John Tumlinson were…


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Ted Cruz On Obama's ISIS Plan

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“A Message to ISIS for 9/11: We Will Stand Up and Defend America” copyright 2014, John J. Rigo, Texas’ Commentator

My Concealed Carry Gun, a Ruger P90, a semi-auto 45, copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

My Concealed Carry Gun, a Ruger P90, a…


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The Obama administration is prepping the nation's school systems for a huge influx of illegal immigrant children this fall as they await hearings that could lead to deportations.

"All children in the United States are entitled to equal access to a public elementary and secondary education, regardless of their or their parents' actual or perceived national origin, citizenship, or immigration status," the Education Department 

The document was…


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Rogue President.

It was just a few days ago when I was writing about our Restoring Honor Ride and why it was so important I mentioned the Rogue President.…


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Bergdahl Back In Texas

Bergdahl is back in San Antonio, you can bet he will never see a court martial, he will be shielded from the media and his platoon members will be vilified by this administration,

Join us as we ride to San Antonio to Restore Honor RSVP at…


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LSTP:  Just when is it that politicians are going to get it, how much destruction, corruption and wasteful spending do we need to see by our government? Obamcare and other out of control government entities needs to be stopped asap before they break us all.…

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In God we trust, all others are accountable

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