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Ball Park Battle & 1st Amendment Rights

Ball Park Battle

When I was first asked about the new Proposed Ball Park in Arlington my first response was I didn’t care about the issue and didn't know much about it. I thought as a Tea Party we have much bigger problems than wasting our time on anything other than Hillary and the DNC. So, I moved on to work on the National and down ballot elections. I've also been preparing for the 85th legislative session and Motorcycle Safety issues. That’s what I do now.

Although I’ve been attacked by people who I thought were friends. I have kept quiet. Throwing verbal hand grenades gets us nowhere  I had no dog in the hunt “until now”.

#1. It is your Constitutional Right to speak out and have an opinion, even display a yard sign. It is not the right of one side or the other to use DNC tactics to attack, harass, vandalize, threaten or spread false information / rumors.  

My MC which I'm very proud of  spent most of the night on Halloween protecting a house that’s been vandalized by progressive idiot’s numerous times over the past three months. I’m proud to say some people have been arrested. They were Children of fools.

James O’Keefe of Project Veretas has showed us what pollical evil looks like. Evil will lie, cheat, vandalize, attack and suppress their opponent. Evil will talk about civility which excludes them.

Do you really want to go down that road after what we are seeing now nationally?

I’m not sure I understand everything but I find it puzzling that the “no side” of this debate did not give a crap about reducing property taxes for the residence here in Arlington (Thousands of survey cards sent through the mail by Tarrant County Commisioner Andy Nguyen only two returned), but mention a half cent sales tax, ticket tax, parking lot tax, hotel tax where the majority paid by people who live outside of Arlington all hell breaks loose.

Of course, we’ve seen this lunacy before, generally it’s caused by egos and opportunist who just want to raise hell in an effort to get their name out there. Most of the time it ends in a big fail. People that were poltically connected for the conservative cause are now no better than DNC anarchist in my view. Everybody can do it better, their way or the highway. Sound Familiar? 

Our Mayor Jeff Williams is a good man, I get it, he’s trying to keep the Rangers in Arlington and create a an entertainment venue near the downtown area that needs signs to point the way, it’s not his fault that for the last few decades’ sports franchise owners can demand and get tax concessions and help with new stadiums. We created that monster a long time ago. Just like GM and other corporations that brings jobs and money into the area. This happens again and again all over the country.

All you have to do is look at Dallas to see one failure after the other, one International Raceway lost to Ennis, one NASCAR Raceway lost to Fort Worth, South Port Lost, In 2002 I has part of a group that offered to turn the Dallas Naval Air Station into the largest Raceway Park in the world it would have cost the City of Dallas zero dollars we had all pvt funding ready they failed because of bickering and the failure to come together on issues that would help the city and county. American Airlines Center is now their entertainment hub. It's funny no one had a problem with a single $798 million dollar designer bridge over I-30, now their fighting over the Fair grounds. 

It’s really pretty simple either you want the Rangers here or you want another city to win out?

For me now it’s about our 1st amendment rights, if anyone is having problems with political vandals contact me.

Meanwhile I will vote yes because the way some people are behaving and it makes economic sense for the city. Take it to the bank..

Like I said we have bigger problems.


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