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I've seen this picture time after time, we literally take base ball bats and beat the hell out of each other over an issue in my opinion thats small on the Richter scale. It's a proven fact we all never agree 100%. Not even progressives who have knock down drag outs over certain issues. They eventually come together. This is something conservatives do not do, we never agree to disagree. Its turns to name calling and friends fighting friends. People are people, I have a feeling this will continue until the progressives completely take over while we are arguing about nothing.

We must ask ourselves are the Rangers worth keeping, knowing that another metroplex city is waiting in the wings to scarf them up using the same formula to get them. Like it or not this is the way the game is played in this day and time. Please realize the only professional sports team I can remember that has actually paid for their own stadium is the Kraft family who owns the New England Patriots. 

At this point every one has had a chance to say their piece and beat each other up over the Rangers, now you are either for it or against it "go vote".

Months ago I got a phone call from Kelly Cannon asking me what I thought about the Rangers Stadium issue. I told her I was neutral and didn't really have an opinion, but really didn't understand why we could not put a roof on the existing stadium. Maybe she took that as a stance against a new stadium. Not so I consider myself open minded and didn't know all the facts.

At that point she suggested a coup to oust Tea Party Leadership or something along those lines. First of all I hate backstabbing and disgusting behind the scenes lobbying, second of all she doesn't understand how all the Tea Party's in Tarrant County are set up. Every Tea Party is set up to shield you. This is the reason we told the IRS to take a hike when they tried to get a membership list years back. That case is still pending.

I told Kelly to instead go form her own group and do her own thing. Never should we let ego or a single issue skew the big picture. There will be a time when we will need each other, she of all people should know that. She has ran for office "twice" and should know the importance of building bridges, not tearing them down.  

I'll be the first to say Kelly did a wonderful jobs getting rid of the red light cameras, she's walked the halls of the State House seeking to out Joe Straus she's a true one woman army, lets hope she knows who the real enemy is. 

There is a reason Tarrant County is the most conservative county in the U.S. and its the work of the combined Tea Partys in the area. Our politicians know it and so does Bud Kennedy. I work in this arena everyday in the work I do now, we open doors that you may not have the time to commit to. I'm sure those that do the walking would like to see you there in support.

 May I say we have bigger problems than the Rangers Stadium and whether they come or go. Just maybe we should find out if shria law allows baseball games or if women can attend? Will we have burka leagues?

I know that's kinda stupid but that is whats out in front of us as our Nation is flooded with un vetted people from the mid east, their plan is to out "screw" us. That's crude, but we must look at whats happening in the EU. Watch this video This is headed our way if Hillary is elected and continues the flood at a higher rate.

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