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Debra Burlingame to Paul Ryan: Do you know who you're paling around with?

Office of Cong.Paul Ryan, FAX: (202) 225-3393

April 23, 2013

Dear CongressmanRyan,

This message isto let you know how disappointing it was to see the news story  dismissing the Boston bombing’s relevance toan effort to push through immigration reform without due consideration of thecontents of the legislation.   Thisdismissal was especially chilling given the fact that your immigration reformpartner, Luis Gutierrez, was the chief spokesman for the political wing of theFALN terrorist organization, which carried out 146 bombings in a 25 yearperiod, killing nine people and injuring and maiming dozens. 

As I outlined ina lengthy piece for the Wall Street Journal,http://online.wsj.com/article/SB120277819085260827.html

Rep. Gutierrez was the chief advocatefor the pardoning  of 16 convicted FALNmembers, whose sentences ranged up to 90 years. These men and women were so dangerous, they were shackled for theirtrial and the presiding judge wore a gun under his robes because they hadthreatened to kill him in open court. 

Rep. Gutierrez,against all evidence (including FBI undercover videotape of these people makingbombs), called them “political prisoners” and threatened to marshal the PuertoRican community against the Clintons, and Vice President Al Gore, then preparinga presidential run.

It is notsurprising, therefore, that Mr. Gutierrez would be unalarmed by the fact that awannabe terrorist under scrutiny by the FBI would be a candidate for U.S.citizenship.    Terrorists have a historyof defrauding the U.S. immigration system, gaming the political asylum process,and using the guest worker program to gain temporary access to the U.S., onlyto disappear into the population.  Ouroverburdened system doesn’t bother to look for them.   Several of the 1993 bombers came in throughthe Ag Jobs program.  The 9/11 hijackersoverstayed tourist visas.   TheMillennium bomber gamed the immigration system in Canada, and tried to enterthe U.S. through Port Washington.  He wasonly stopped because of an astute border agent.  

Please be warned that Luis Gutierrez is NOT a good faith partner in this effort, and his history with the FALN is proof of that.  The record is replete with his letters, and threats.  I am including the piece I wrote for the Journal.  All of my source documents were found in the Congressional investigation that took place in the wake of these pardons.  Among the people I interviewed was the chief FBI agent, Rick Hahn, who hunted the FALN for years, as well as the NYC bomb squad officers who were permanently disabled in the bombings.

I have informedJoseph Connor, whose father was killed in the FALN Fraunces Tavern bombing inNew York City, of your partnership with Mr. Gutierrez and your jointaffirmation that the Boston bombings have no relevance to immigrationlegislation.  

Very trulyyours,

DebraBurlingame, co-founder, 9/11 Families for a Safe & Strong America

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