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A few years back the IRS came after selected Tea Party's across the Nation. What did they want for granting 5013c status? Our membership lists, email addresses, donors, passwords to our websites, copies of speeches and guest speakers. Our response was no, hell no we do not have members per say. We refused everything they asked for. I know I responded to the requests. 

Please understand they went after True The Vote in Houston as well because they were having great success, True The Vote leaders spent thousands of dollars defending themselves and their person business from the IRS onslaught.

Could you afford to do that on your own? The ATP is not the only Tea Party in Tarrant County set up with no members. The only thing I can say is thank God for smart people with the vision to see what might come from unscrupulousness politicians that can use liberal bureaucrats to attack the citizens of this country. I can tell you that the IRS scared the hell out of board members, some left the organization. Meanwhile everybody else was safe.

We have explained the  structure of ATP before, somehow people that were there did not listen including Kelly Cannon. We are not the republican party with a battery of lawyers working for us.

After all that came to light, we joined a law suit against the IRS, it's still working its way through the courts. 

Beware those who might lead you into a trap by becoming a member of a political organization that's going to take on democrats our establishment republicans (rinos).

Tarrant County is the most conservative county in the Nation. The reason for that is work of combined Tea Party's efforts. This includes the Arlington Tea Party who's played a big part. We've done great things, had great successes, some set backs, then move ahead. Every one within the organization is a volunteer, no one is paid a dime for their time and efforts. 

ATP will forge ahead while others burn bridges and destroy themselves. These types never win because of a built in self destruction DNA. There is a pattern that will happen again and again no matter what they are involved in.

I've seen it before..

These are my personal opinions 

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