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Texas Congressman Should Defend States Rights

Often the battle over states rights comes down to issues we may or may not agree with.  One of them is gambling.  Some states have it while other states do not.  That is the essence of federalism.  However, one Las Vegas billionaire is attempting to override state laws that provide of legalized online gaming and the sale of lottery tickets online to their own residents.

Sheldon Adelson of the Sand Casino empire is financing an effort to have Congress repeal state laws in legislation known as the "Restore America's Wire Act."  Sen. Lindsey Graham is carry water for Adelson and has inserted language into a big spending bill to help the billionaire shut down his competition.  The bill now sits before the subcommittee of Texas conservative Rep. John Culberson.

Groups like Americans for Tax Reform, Freedom Works, the Institute for Liberty and others have objected to the RAWA bill and the Graham provision.  It seems logical that Mr. Culberson would work to have it removed -- at least we hope so.  

If you are not convinced, also consider that Gun Owners of America has raised a red flag about the provision.  They note that since 1999, gun grabbers like New York Sen. Chuck Schumer have been trying to get the federal government to ban the same of guns and ammo online.  The Adelson bill is a door opener into Internet regulation of guns.  Mr Culberson has an A Rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA).  It would be smart for him not to set a dangerous precedent that Mr. Schumer, Hillary Clinton and President Obama could exploit.

The following video explains the issue:  https://youtu.be/9w0KedvM34Q

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