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Where Are The Republicans When Needed?

Forget about what you think about Trump, forget about your stupid principles and pride. As hard as it is to believe Hillary maybe about to become President and it's obvious that's ok within the ranks of the Republican Party elites who are busy pouting because they have lost control. Of course they all know if they see the flood waters of socialism coming, they can always switch party's can't they? Many have and will to survive what would be coming and to be in on the cash. 

I've got words for them including Ted Cruz, words I should not post here. I can say get over it and start doing your share.. 

The silence and failures to launch an all out assault and defund the corruption not only of the Obama administration, the Clinton's, The Pay for Play Clinton Foundation, the DNC and Washington DC in general is more than appalling. What do you have to lose other than a Country? 

The gravy train must end and it should be conservatives leading the charge. A visit to your local Reps websites tells the tale, Joe Barton is more concerned about mosquitoes than he is the country, that's kinda like his saving the light bulb. Senator John Cornyn is at least putting a bill forward to revoke Hillary Clinton's security clearance. That being said he's not out front helping like we all should be doing. It's sickening the way everyone is behaving with the country at the crossroads, while republicans continue to pout, whine, and beat the hell out of each other the left winged communist come together.

It's time we all put on some big boy and girl pants, get in the boat and row the same direction with a loud voice. Hillary as President and the damage she would bring is totally unacceptable and would be irreversible.

Forget the media, forget party elites, it's time to get unified and attack attack attack. Social media has been used to create revolutions in recent years, we out number the media in so many different ways. Become a Citizen Journalist spread the News - Expose corruption - Seek The Truth - Report to your sphere of influence. 

Mel Moss


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